May 06 . 2020

Still Wants More! Louvre’s Ten Million Cash subsidy Activity Ended Successfully

In the May Day that just ended, people had the first small vacation after returning to work in the post-epidemic and found themselves in a hot early summer. However, an activity launched by Louvre Furniture Exhibition Center in Lecong, Guangdong, was just as hot as the weather when it offered another round of cash subsidy that rewarded RMB 10,000 for every order of RMB 5,000, which was equally welcomed by customers.





In this five-day special offer activity during the vacation, a range of promotions were launched in the magnificent furniture mall of Louvre, including double cash subsidy, top 1,000 best sellers, and generous free gifts for the benefits of environmental protection. The most practical discounts were offered to repay consumers as much as possible and to secure a new starting point for the wave of post-epidemic consumption, especially in the home furnishing sector.



“ Ten Million of RMB in Subsidies Attacted Eyeballs and Flared Up Furniture Spree ”





As the core of this special offer activity launched by Louvre Furniture Exhibition Center for the May Day holiday, the top reward of a super cash coupon worth RMB 10,000 for every order of RMB 5,000 attracted a large number of citizens who were active participants. Many families came to buy various home furnishing products for their loved homes during this small vacation. With more than a thousand brands available for them to choose from, they were so indulged in the double enjoyment and joy from shopping with the double coupon. The thrill also dispelled the gloom and depression caused by the epidemic.





It was reported that citizens who made purchases in the mall could not only enjoy a discount up to 50% off on top of special offers given by merchants, but also benefit from “Locking the Popular Products with Only RMB 1” provided by Louvre Furniture Exhibition Center. All they had to do was subscribing their favoured products on APP, which replaced the traditional hasty shopping experience with a convenient one. This option effectively improved the shopping experience, and was affirmed and praised by many consumers.



“ Generous Gifts Enhanced Pleasant Experience in Home Furniture Shopping ”





In addition to the attractive discounts and the large number of promotion brands, Louvre Furniture Exhibition Center also whetted suspense through a generous lottery event. Dyson air purification fan, YANG-KA anion oxygen bar, ECOVACS purifier... The crowd was full of expectations and burst into cheers every time when a healthy gift went to its winner. Small climaxes came one after another. The dismal and depression under the epidemic world was completely dispelled at the moment.


As a one-stop furniture shopping experience center that integrates furniture shopping, food, and sightseeing, different cuisines in Louvre Furniture Exhibition Center also attracted many citizens to have a taste. While shopping for best home suppliers, people could also get a cash voucher of RMB 100 as gift to enjoy delicious food of different flavors in Fengchu Shifu, Super Star Seafood Restaurant, and the French Restaurant of Sofitel Louvre, etc. Customers could enjoy a gluttonous feast at the sideline of furniture shopping. 


The new round of generous special offered by Louvre Furniture Exhibition Center not only strongly dispelled the dismal under the epidemic context and brought the consumer market back to its used prosperity, but also gave a boost to the city and helped people regain the confidence of a better life. We believe that colorful and beautiful life will bloom again from here.