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Founded in 2000 and located in Lecong, Guangdong, “China’s Furniture Trading Capital”, Louvre Furniture Group is a global comprehensive furniture group integrating creative design, furniture R&D, shopping mall operation, five-star hotel operation, trade and tourism as a whole, a leading enterprise and outstanding brand in China’s furniture circulation field.

“ World Seven-star Home Furnishing Palace “

The group has China’s largest landmark furniture theme building cluster - consisting of Louvre International Furniture Expo Center and Louvre International Furniture Headquarters Building, with a total building area of 380,000 square meters. It gathers more than 2,000 China’s top-class furniture brands including Lifemaster, Bolusi, Muni, Tianyi Meijia, Shangyu, Colorlife and more than 200 top imported furniture brands from Europe including Fendi, Armani, Bentley, Baxter and Giorgetti as well as 20 theme pavilions such as Original Design Pavilion, New Chinese Style Pavilion,


Chinese Style Pavilion, Mahogany Pavilion, Outdoor Furniture Pavilion, Children Pavilion, Furnishings and Lighting City, all of which cover furniture, bathroom sanitary wares, decorations, lighting, beddings and other home appliances and more than 10 different furniture styles including modern style, post-modern style, new Chinese style, European and American style, classical style, Italian style and Nordic style, making it be known as “World Seven-star Home Furnishing Palace”.

“ First-Class Environment, Service And Management “

  • Our Story
  • Our Story

Louvre Furniture Group implements the dual-driven development strategy of High-end Furniture Art Center + Urban Design Center” and has design centers and experience pavilions in a number of cities in China including Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Hong Kong as well as in Singapore and other overseas regions.


Louvre Furniture Group has been committed to building an international furniture trading platform with “first-class environment, service and management” and has won a number of honors such as “Asia Top 500 Brands” and “China Top Ten After-sales Service Units” for successive years. It receives more than 2 million people from 105 countries and regions for visit and procurement every year and is very famous both at home and abroad.

Our Story


Gathering 100 Top European

Import Home Brands

  • Sales


    Adopting unified sales agreements to guarantee customer rights and interests.

  • Logistics


    Providing trustworthy logistics services, including delivery and installation service within China and transporting service to the import and export ports of China.

  • After-Sales


    Conducting whole process supervision and 100% return visit by the After-sales Service Center for the customers that cooperate with the Trustworthy Logistics Alliance, to ensure the legal rights and interests of the customers.

  • Food & Beverage

    Food & Beverage

    Provide six food spaces, covering Chinese, Japanese, French and Italian cuisines as well as bars and music bars;

  • Accommodation


    Luxurious five-star hotel — Sofitel Foshan, the only furniture experience hotel in the world;

  • Prayer Room

    Prayer Room

    A prayer room for religionists to pray;

  • Group Reception Service

    Group Reception Service

    Providing group reception service (booking required in advance);

  • Free Translation

    Free Translation

    Providing free English translation service.

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