A&X Casa

A&X was established in 2010 and has become a representative of taste across the entire international home furnishing industry since its involvement in luxury high-end furniture. "The combination of multiple elements meets the appeal of home emotions" is the soul of A&X product design. Every A&X furniture is distinguished by its excellence The quality, unique creativity and skillful craftsmanship became the model of post-modern neo-decorationism art, insisting on its own brand culture and adhering to its own brand spirit. A&X believes that true classics are the inheritance of traditional craftsmanship and the convergence of the essence of fashion.


Everyone's understanding of "luxury" is different, and every historical period of fashion will follow the trend, and today people's understanding of "luxury" is very different from the past. The form of A&X luxury overall furniture is modern, while exuding a sense of luxury and fashion. The expression is subtle and restrained, which reflects a kind of spiritual confession, which resonates with the modern upstart class in art and culture. The person who owns A&X is not to show off wealth, but to show taste, because it is not shared by everyone. A&X luxury overall furniture design is unique. The combination of high-quality hardware, crystal, stone, fabric, leather, and wood elements from all over the world is appropriately selected. Different materials and textures are unified into elegant intellectual tones, exuding rich art. Breath, unique design concept and perfect craftsmanship, just give users a sense of inner peace.


A&X luxury overall furniture, let the home pay attention to every space, find a balance between classic design and private customization, express the sense of space fusion. The ultimate expression of each piece of furniture with 360° without dead angles comes from the selection of the essence of raw materials around the world. The combination of pure craftsmanship and craftsmanship and the whimsy of top designers express the user's emotions appropriately. There are now 120 A&X display stores around the world, which will provide you with intimate and thoughtful full-course consultant services.


A&X Casa is a master launch with new simple-modern style in year 2014 by designers Mr. Marco Seveso and Mr.Gigi Trezzi who are respected as the golden partner of the art world. In advocating the return of classical culture, the designers express the most excellent interpretation of the concept of light luxury. Paying more attention to the overall sense of home, personalized design, environmental material selection, careful consideration of the color matching, all of the efforts is in order to interpret the overall aesthetic style."We are more than just product designers," Seveso Marco said, "We are more focused on the overall sense of the environment surrounding the product.