"Wanwu" , as an original Chinese brand of simple household life, from the beginning of brand birth to practice, has been aiming at exploring the use of Chinese culture to explain the modern lifestyle of contemporary Chinese people. "All things" in the heritage of Chinese culture on the basis of the design of the complex to simple, elegant color, which presents a simple and elegant life style. "All things" takes "cherish things, be harmonious, considerate, dignified and restrained" as the highest standard. It advocates that people should cherish everything around them, refuse to change things excessively, and embody the essence of things as much as possible, therefore, "all things" products do not have intricate and beautiful carving, no luxurious and gorgeous fabrics, but through simple and slightly architectural style lines, black, white, gray and other elegant classic colors such as these simple, do not do too much embellishment of the form, to convey a peaceful and simple life, convey simple, elegant attitude to life, and restore the essence of home life —— to cultivate body and mind. Moreover, in every functional space of furniture, accessories collocation, "all things" is not the pursuit of quantity, but the principle of moderation, the organic coordination of furniture and accessories, in order to achieve a "harmonious" orderly beauty of the east.