Jun 10 . 2021

What is the furniture made of “food grade” materials?

  In recent years, there appear a lot of products made of “food grade” materials, such as food grade plastic, food grade stainless steel, food grade skincare products... And have you ever seen furniture made of “food grade” materials? Here is to recommend several “food grade” furniture products which are the best choice for home furnishing by virtue of their natural harmlessness, and being good for environmental protection and health.

(I) “Edible sponge”

  Brand: ECCO KIDS
  Name: YK00044 modern mattress
  This is a functional mattress designed for those aged 7-14 years old, made of reusable and environmentally friendly materials and in line with E0 (formaldehyde release ≤ 0.5mg/L) international environmental standards. The interior material is water molecular plant fiber cotton made of cold foam of corn and soybean. Being natural and environmentally friendly, it is known as the “edible sponge” in Europe.


Image courtesy of ECCO KIDS on 3FA59-60 in Foshan Louvre International Furniture Expo Center

  (II) No glue, no paint

  Brand: HOOZ
  Name: Log bedroom series
  Each template of this log bed is completely natural solid wood slabs, retaining its edges in the original state without any glue splicing. Flax oil, palm wax and other natural vegetable oils and waxes are refined three times to be a wood wax oil coating, protecting the furniture from benzene, formaldehyde, and other toxic and harmful volatiles. Bedside, bed head, bed board and bed feet are natural wood slabs, without any possibility of formaldehyde.


  Image courtesy of HOOZ on 3FA33-35 in Foshan Louvre International Furniture Expo Center

(III) Tables can be used as tableware

  Brand: ZUOYOU International
  Name: Modern style dining table
  This table is the featured product of ZUOYOU International. Being environmentally friendly, the main material is non-paint walnut wood, which reveals the natural beauty. Imported rock slate that can be in direct contact with food is selected as the desktop without any toxic and polluting substances release, and it is safe enough for the elderly and kids. Butterfly patterns at the table legs make it stylish, simple, and elegant.


Image courtesy of ZUOYOU International on 1FB18 in Foshan Louvre International Furniture Expo Center

  The above several products can be described as “food grade”, with their environmental standards greatly superior to national standards. In addition to the above products, how to choose environmentally friendly furniture to meet your needs? It is recommended that you go to Lecong, Shunde - “China’s Furniture Business Capital”, where there is a long street of furniture stretching tens of miles with a collection of all kinds of innovative and cost-effective furniture, and it is also the country’s largest furniture sales center as well as a leading place for China’s furniture industry. In the market with such a large scale, a home furniture shopping mall with environmentally friendly products is of course available, and the Louvre International Furniture Expo Center is a model for it.

  After years of efforts, the Louvre has formed a perfect environmental protection system to guarantee the green and healthy life of consumers:
  1. Before the admission of brand, the Louvre will assign personnel to its manufacturing site to determine whether it follows all standards, and then submit qualified materials of identification in environmental protection .
  2. After the auditing of the brand, the Louvre will assign personnel to its store for 3-day check, and conduct monthly and quarterly spot checks, and those who are not qualified will be refused.
  3. The Louvre will implement “100% environmental protection commitment”. Customers who purchase products at the Louvre that do not meet national environmental standards will be paid twice the purchase price.


  In addition, the Louvre also set up a dynamic air quality monitoring system and air purification system in it to ensure that the air is fresh and healthy.

  High quality and eco-friendly furniture assures customers in their use of these products, and a healthy and comfortable shopping environment provides customers a pleasant shopping experience. The Louvre’s shopping concept of “Enjoyable Furniture” helps to establish a good reputation in the industry, attracting more than 2 million visitors and purchasers from 105 countries and regions each year. Here, you can see visitors from all walks of life, such as students, office workers, stars, and politicians. “The product quality and the shopping environment in the Louvre are pretty good. I have visited here with my clients for many times, and they all claim their satisfaction for it,” said Ms. Wu, who is shopping at the Louvre.
  Seeing is believing. If you want to have an enjoyable furniture shopping experience or have a look at the furniture made of “food grade” materials, then come here to have a try!