Oct 21 . 2021

Good News | Louvre Won 2 Platinum Awards and 1 Gold Award from 2021 Muse Design Awards

Louvre was among the newly announced winners of the latest U.S. Muse Design Awards 2021. The three Louvre works, Private Villa in Shenyang, Suzhou Rongchuang Imperial Garden Mansion, and Moroso Brand Exhibition Hall, won 2 Platinum Awards and 1 Gold Award  as well as high recognition from the jury.



Founded in New York, Muse Design Awards is an international design competition for creative professionals and companies from various design fields. Sponsored by International Awards Association (IAA) based in the U.S., it is one of the most influential international awards in the field of creative design. IAA has cooperated with over 130 international judges from over 50 countries.



The three award-winning works were appreciated in the international professional review and gained world-class reputation! Please appreciate them here.


Muse Design Awards 2021

Interior Design | Platinum Award

Award-Winning Work | Private Villa in Shenyang



The client of this case is engaged in luxury industry, and so attaches great importance to the art of life. Based on high-quality atmosphere and low-key elegance , the designer created a modern home with affordable luxury style adopting the concept “art is a harmonious subject parallel to nature”.




The space is divided into three floors, with an open and simple layout that endows the space with a wide vision and smooth moving lines. The overall neutral tone allows more possibilities through soft decoration. The living room ceiling on the first floor is raised and seems even higher with whole-glass window that introduces sufficient light and wind chime-like lighting hanging from the ceiling. The comforting palette of gray blue and white of the sofa conveys an exclusive touch of simplicity and elegance. Delicate detailes include Versace tea set and Fendi table lamp; , Steinway piano embodies modernity; and Bentley Home adds iconic elegance and delicacy to the stately space.





The doorless design of guest dining room gets rid of the sense of estrangement. The combination different cold and warm materials with occasional bright colors presents a multi-level rhythm. The magnificent ink-painting texture of the wall and ground extends the neutral tone all the way from the living room to the dining room. The Visionnaire furniture and Fendi vase deliver a strong sense of modern art and serve as the focus of the space. The superimposed metal, glass and Visionnaire hanging pictures reduce the sense of spatial restraint. The chandelier cuts uniqueshapes in the air; the round carpet contrasts with the square ceiling echoing with the traditional Chinese concept of “fangyuan”.




The tea room is opposite the bar. Baxter’s modern and simple lines, together with the light ancient feel of the tea room, produce the beauty of staggered time and space; and the high-quality leather accumulates traces of years.



The master bedroom highlights the beauty of simple luxury, which derives from furniture with clear-cut lines and a well-organized exclusiveness. The subtle colors and curves neutralize the coldness of rationality, and the ornament of Visionnaire lounge chair adds a light luxury touch to the space. The art of life of Fendi and Malerba makes children’s room and second bedroom comfortable and stylish.



Muse Design Awards 2021

Interior Design | Platinum Award

Award Winning Work | Suzhou Rongchuang Imperial Garden Mansion



This is an old house renovation case. The external design and garden are mainly of French style with overall symmetry, solemnity and elegance. The interior is mainly of classic  European style. In the brand-new trend, the designer found free posture and inclusiveness from modern cities, with which the designer explored the essence of urban lifestyle and upgraded and transformed the building.




In order not to affect the life of surrounding residents, the designer appropriately reduced the cost while ensuring the optimal decoration effect. The large area of stones in the main space has been retained, while local rectification was made on the ground, wall body and skirting line of the main background of the living room, master bedroom, secondary bedroom, study and tea room. At the same time, the original traditional lighting was changed, where non-main-lamp design was combined with decorative lamp, and the re-arranged lamp effect is now both functional and aesthetic. Combined with the furniture styles of Italian high-end brands such as Versace Home, Visionaire, Fendi Casa and Turri, the overall tone of the space  is modern, simple and luxury, which balances out  the French-style of the external and the garden.




The whole mansion is mainly furnished with brass, gray leather, gray mirror, wood veneer, brushed black metal and neutral-tone wallpaper, with local colored materials such as green velvet, blue or orange flannelette of  lively and delicate texture. Rich wallpaper patterns and textures strengthen the three-dimensional effect and gradation as well as intensifying the contrast between brightness and darkness. Through the combination of furniture with simple shapes, smooth lines and exquisite details, a stable, coordinated and cozy space is created. The overall atmosphere is decent and noble, and the details reveal a modern, fine life style.




The tea room is the most leisurely area. The hard decoration mainly uses wood veneers in log color and the linear shape of brushed black metal strips to create a natural and comfortable atmosphere, which echoes with the outdoor space. The matt dark wood cabinets and the wall form a striking distinction. In addition, the orange leather chair with low color saturation adds a touch of playfulness to the sedate environment.



Art Deco is the keynote of the study that features light luxury and artistic objects. The black-and-white decorative paintings  are the favorite photographic stories of the male owner.  The nostalgic objects, such as old cameras, artwork ornaments and film, suggest that he is also fond of collecting. Such decorations also add a sense of profundity and heritage to the study.



Muse Design Awards 2021

Interior Design | Gold Award

Award-Winning Work | Moroso Brand Exhibition Hall



Moroso is a popular star brand in furniture design circle. With its design concept of bold innovation and adventure, it has attracted much attention. This case follows the artistic image of the brand and creates a modern fashion experience space that satisfies the aesthetic and practical requirements of China’s young consumers.




In terms of space composition, the designer mainly adopts popular neutral colors for the background, combined with fashion elements such as organic shapes and geometric patterns; environment-friendly materials including solid wood flooring and micro cement jointly create a cozy, modern and sustainable display environment.




The moving line creates a comfortable and progressive garden-wandering experience through the division and merging of space. Considering the brand tone, the designer highlights the interspersed and interesting space blocks, integrating the moving line twists, high and low levels and installation landscape. Besides, the designer also weakened the facade decoration , so that the latter can intuitively feel the space temperament, interact with the product, and discover the beauty of the art and design of the product.



In terms of soft decoration design, the most advanced contemporary art works of Bearbrick, NYC, Qeeboo, FOSCARINI, Fontana Art, etc.  reflect personality through colors and shapes. The designer also considered the integration of the original fashion art, the collision between classic and modernity, the dialogue between new culture and traditional one, and the diversified and international communication and expression   during the soft decoration design.




The pattern carpet full of modern composition echoes with the geometric pattern artistic wallpaper, coupled with different levels of deep and shallow blue shades. The mixing and matching of contemporary NYC trendy art and European classical picture frame clash to generate a brilliant spark, both bantering and paying tribute to mass consumption.


In terms of space design, arc surfaces break the right angle convention. The organic corner sofa and the arc-like three-dimensional patterns of the carpet echo with each other from afar, showing a dynamic yet harmonious aesthetic. The quiet light blue of the wall, going with the dark red, dark and light shades, and brightness and darkness on the soft decoration, and combined with the artistic devices on the wall, renders the whole space strikingly distinctive.




About Louvre Furniture Co., Ltd.


Louvre Furniture Co., Ltd., subordinate to the Louvre Home Furnishing Group, was founded in 2003. With the mission of promoting “Chinese furniture to the world and world furniture to China”, the company is committed to creating a high-end elegant lifestyle for people. It is dubbed the pioneer of high-end home furnishing art.


The company has three sub brands: Louvre CASA, Louvre Lifestyle Hall  and Kollector.


Louvre CASA was officially launched in Foshan in 2008. It is a large-scale international exhibition hall of a wide variety of imported home furnishings . With a vast area of 80,000 square meters, it gathers more than 200 European brands such as Fendi CASA, Bentley Home and Armani Casa; in 2019, Louvre CASA entered Louvre Guangzhou Home Art Center and joined hands with 30-plus international home art big names to pay tribute to Guangzhou.


Louvre Life Art Hall is a high-end display platform for the home brands independently developed, designed and produced by Louvre. It brings together seven styles: French, classical, neoclassical, American, new Chinese, light luxury and modern. With painstaking design, material selection and processes to make these exquisite and natural furnishings, Louvre aimes at creating a natural beauty for the clients’ home, and enabling them to enjoy  exclusive home life.


Kolector’s focuses on fashionable, elegant and tasteful imported soft decoration accessories from around the world. It gathers nearly 100 well-known brands such as Lalique, Frette, Cire Trudon and Riedel, covering popular products such as art, lamps, carpets, fabrics, textiles, aromatherapy, tableware and accessories.