Feb 25 . 2020

Furniture Market in Lecong Fully Backed to Business and Louvre Celebrated Reopening

On the morning of February 25, a lively performance of 32 impressive and festive dancing lions was put on at the main entrance to Louvre International Furniture Exhibition Center, celebrating the full reopening of the furniture market in Lecong. A scene that was supposed to appear in the furniture market of Lecong on the eighth day of the first lunar month as usual has been postponed, as a response to the call of the government due to the epidemic this year. The reopening ceremony marked the full resumption of the entire furniture market in Lecong and the recovery of its economic activities.



Louvre International Furniture Exhibition Center celebrating reopening



“ Respond to the government call for epidemic prevention and control ”



It is known that Louvre carefully disinfected the mall from February 15 to 17 and got prepared for reopening after full inspection and disinfection on February 24 to contain the spread of the epidemic, ensure the health and safety of resident merchants, and provide a hygienic and comfortable shopping environment for customers. At the same time, Louvre require all merchants to strictly follow relevant management notices, cooperate in meeting the requirements for epidemic prevention and control, and supervise and execute sanitation and health protection work in their stores.



A reminder of social distancing in elevator of the mall



Monitoring staff was stationed at each entrance at Louvre to make sure that customers and employees wore masks, got tested for body temperature and register their health information. The mall also provided sufficient masks for customers who did not have masks with them. In addition, a limited passenger and social distancing system which was reminded by a sticker separating 4 spaces was enforced for elevators in the mall. Disinfectants were also provided inside elevators for customers. On the day of reopening, the mall received customers who came for furniture, and they said that they did not worry about the hygiene protection in the mall. Manish and Danny, two Indian buyers that were stationed at Lecong, said separately in an interview with the media that they were satisfied with the Chinese government’s epidemic prevention efforts and did not worry about their life and business here. Procurement activities would be back to normal as the furniture market reopened.



Foreign buyer DANNY



“ Acutely Perceive Consumer Demand and Improve Service Level ”



As the reopening ceremony came to an end, all work was carried out in an orderly manner. Chen Guifang, President of the Chamber of Commerce in Lecong Furniture City and President of Louvre Home Furnishing Group, said that all major developers have fully resumed work to serve consumers under the guidance of government departments and industry associations. Having survived the epidemic, people would have higher and higher requirements for healthy home environment, and the demand for quality and environmentally friendly home supplies will rise dramatically. On the day of reopening, a couple visited Louvre to buy furniture immediately after they learned that it was reopened. Ms. Xu, a customer, told the media that the epidemic taught her to love herself and her family more, so she decided to get her family better furniture.


Driven by the demand, Louvre Home Furnishing Group defines 2020 as the year of environmental protection. It will work on products and services to ensure that products sold in the mall are 100% safe, 100% healthy, and 100% environmentally friendly. It also calls for all malls and businesses in the Chamber of Commerce of Lecong Furniture City to jointly promote the concept of environmental protection, to guarantee environmentally friendly products and shopping environments, to improve the core competitiveness of furniture market in Lecong through environmental protection, and to make commitment to environmental protection as a social responsibility.