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Louvre Decoration & Lighting City. With area of 50,000m², is one of the biggest special markets of household ornament in China currently, collected various household ornaments of both western and eastern style, and led in the industry of high-and mid-end household ornament.

On working into the Louvre Decoration & Lighting City, the well-known household ornaments and brands both domestic and abroad are everywhere, famous paintings, light ornaments, floriculture, carpets, home textile and handiwork in eyes.There are your favorite ceramic, glass, crystal, wood ware,resin and stainless steel products; no matter for household style, American village style or for European countryside style, you can find the best match over here.

“ Make Ideal Home Your Home ”

  • Lighting

    Crystal lamp, cIoth lamp, stone lamp, glass lamp, metal lamp, hanging lamp, wall lamp, table lamp, ceiling lamp and Iow voltage lamp, etc.,suitable for lighting every space.
  • Decoration / Floriculture

    Ceramics, sculpture, furnishing articles, small handicraft, wrought iron, fashion boutique, leather, wood, glass, vase, flower art, and many other products.
  • Decorative paintings and Ornaments

    Decorative paintings in various styles and themes, including watercolor, gouache, embroidery, craft stickers, European classical oil paintings, post-modern, impressionist and modern painting, original paintings and portraits,etc.
  • Carpet/Cloth fabrics and textiles

    Carpets made of various materials including natural fibers such ascotton, linen, wool, silk and grass ,as well as synthetic fiber, from nearly one hundred brands.