Luxury Space

The Origin of Luxury Space - Born to be Extraordinary

In 2006, Luxury Space was founded in Louvre Furniture Exhibition Center • Guangdong, the only seven-star furniture mall in China. It’s 11 years old now!


Luxury Space Brand - Excellent and Unrivaled

Luxury Space is always among the premium rank over its 11-year history in furniture industry, which has grown from one exclusive store to eight ones. It has successively incorporated the French furniture from Hong Kong Royal, top teak furniture and court mahogany furniture imported from Indonesia, etc. The introduction of the original New-Chinese products, the British aristocratic series, and the Italian original aristocratic series this year fully enhances the comprehensive strength of Luxury Space Brand.


Honors of Luxury Space - Splendid and Flourishing

“Demonstration Merchant of Integrity and Self-discipline in the Furniture Market of Guangdong Province”, “Top 100 Merchants in China Furniture Trade Capital”, “The Seven-Star Merchant of Integrity and Standard Management in Louvre Mall”, “Perfect Creator of Luxury and Art”, “Five-Star Integrated Provider of Furniture Services”, “No. 1 Brand of Spiritual Furniture”...


Supporting Projects of Luxury Space - Exclusive and Customized

Luxury Space is committed to customized, high-end exclusive home furnishing. We have the largest supporting project partner in the industry to provide top design and exclusive customized services for high-end clubs, hotels, villas, etc. Our excellent designer team is often invited to different premium and large-scale home furnishing exhibitions all year round. Examples of projects undertaken by our design team include: Season Town in Shenlongjia, Yutangshan in Beijing, Hexi Club in Changsha, and Liutie New City in Guangxi, all of which are well acclaimed in the industry.


The Commitment of Luxury Space - Honesty for Credit

Luxury Space is committed to integrity management and remains service-oriented. While continuously improving the comprehensive strength of our products, we keep up with the development of the industry and draw upon the strengths of others to improve our management system gradually.


The improvements include great changes in our business model that are made for you with full consideration, our distinguished guest - with fair and open “prices clearly marked” and “discounts clearly marked” to create reliable and reassuring shopping experience for you.


The Miracles of Luxury Space - Out of Responsibility

The secret of Luxury Space’s referral rate as shockingly high as 80% in the industry comes from nothing but “responsibility”.


We value every minute you spend in Luxury Space and take it as our responsibility to appeal to you with our product value and sincere services.


At Luxury Space, it’s time to say bye to tedious bargaining completely and spend the saved time and energy drinking tea and talking about your dream home. It is our responsibility to make your dream home come true with our professionalism.


The Persistence of Luxury Space - Being Professional for Good Quality

Luxury Space sets up a special education fund annually and increases the investment year by year to enhance the professionalism of its employees. It is committed to training every terminal home design adviser as competent as a professional home designer. We know that you, our distinguished guest, deserve every second of enjoyable furniture shopping.


From single product recommendation to complete sets and soft outfit matching, everyone at Luxury Space is a happy home magician.


After-sales of Luxury Space - Warranty through Life Cycle

After the deal is made, people at Luxury Space will shift their focus to your home experience, with commitment to delivering worry-free after-sales services. From the progress of home decoration to the effect of furniture placement, the satisfaction with furniture use and the care and maintenance of furniture...We will be at your service, rain or shine!


Luxury Space is a company that has profound comprehensive strength. We insist on providing the most sincere services with responsibility, professionalism and quality.