Far fame in the industry, the company has a furniture production workshop, sofa factory hardware factory paint factory fixed installation factory gaoding factory soft decoration design center is now the benchmark of the home industry with 3W square meters of 6 floor exhibition hall, also known as small Italy Milan exhibition. In the exhibition hall, you can see the fashion atmosphere of Italy and the romantic attitude of the French court. Lin's work attitude is to strive for perfection and create the ultimate quality. The concept of "everything for users" enables TF68 to go international and to the world.


We will make one hundred household enterprise focusing on fashion luxury atmosphere quality details signed the famous Italian designer furniture family up to the teacher, Mr Tom ford and Hong Kong and Taiwan famous interior designer, Mr Qiu Deguang Qiu Deguang has been praised as a master new decoration, won the red dot design award in Germany and Taiwan first qing-ping zhang Sir, Mr Qing-ping zhang and interior design in Taiwan only eight consecutive Andrew Martin interior design awards in the UK.


TF68 Italian Light luxury Household is a customized brand with the highest light luxury and the strongest design sense in China. The brand combines the design of Italy, the design capital of the world, with international well-known luxury brand clothing, bags, jewelry, European architectural elements and design techniques. International positioning of high-end home life orientation.