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Most part of the office desk is made of composite saddle leather, with leather fibers deeply processed with modern technology to be waterproof, anti-fouling, environmentally friendly and durable. The dark gray leather matched with delicate white stitching reflects international fashion sense, while the element of cassia siamea veneer creates a sense of design. Its  surface is covered by nature coating that penetrates deep into the wood to moisturize and nourish it; the wax is tightly merged with wood fiber to increase surface hardness and resist water and fouling. Such a combination is both beautiful and protective.

The base material is E1-grade HDF with a high density. When it is pressed well, the board has uniform density and is moisture-proof. It is a common and durable material for making furniture in other countries. The bottom and frame adopt the 304 stainless steel wire drawing technology to make the entire office desk simple and durable.

The desk comes with a high-density shredder that can effectively protect privacy in daily use. It is also equipped with a multifunctional stainless steel wire drawing box to meet daily office needs. This design is simple but practical.

The office desk provides a powerful storage space. There is a hidden small drawer between the desktop and the desk. The storage space on the other side is also equipped with a practical and user-friendly induction LED light.

The bookcase is semi-open and integrates display with storage in a modern style. The bookcase is processed with internal cut all around and 304 stainless steel wire drawing technology in a simple and fashionable manner. The line design with irregular pattern of the back panel echoes with the pattern on one side of the office desk to make the whole set imbued with a sense of design.