MG Muguan

The MG Muguan brand originated from the United Kingdom. The British HALO HOME INDUSTRIES LTD is a niche handmade furniture company. It focuses on high-level handmade furniture technology and the highest quality materials. It requires extremely high manufacturing materials and processes. Every product is  The colors, textures, and laminates need to be carefully selected. They are manufactured by experienced manual technicians, inheriting the British manufacturing tradition: refined, long-lasting, and detailed. The manual technicians are partly made of wood from well-known British brands such as Rolls-Royce, Bentley, and Burberry.  Craftsmen and leather craftsmen convey the British spirit from every detail.  The design team visited 32 countries including China, Italy and France and spent 380 days creating 428 products.


 Muguan is a model of contemporary new luxury furniture, specially created for the dream life home. Muguan represents an outstanding work of fashion luxury and extraordinary experience. It clearly interprets the contemporary new luxury home living experience in modern design language.  The fusion of diversified international fashion elements makes its style walk between classic and contemporary. The products have a strong sensual color in the design characteristics, reflecting the contemporary mood and classic value.


 Designers Owen and Mr. Albert's new cooperation method combines fashion design concepts with the home consumption needs and style diversity of China's elite class, and integrates them into customer-customized solutions.  Become a model of "the combination of classical and contemporary", bring you the true British luxury and style.