Aug 17 . 2021

A Shopping Guide to Shunde Furniture Plaza--Saving Your Time,Effort,and Money !

  Lecong Furniture Plaza, located in Shunde District, Foshan, Guangdong Province, China, boasts the largest furniture market in China and even in the world. With a reputation as “The Capital of Furniture Trade in China”, it is well-known domestically and internationally, attracting numerous customers to come for furniture every year.


  There are diverse kinds of furniture in the Plaza, with various styles and at economical prices. You can find almost any kind of furniture with any style.


Louvre International Exhibition Center

  Being the benchmark in furniture industry, Louvre International Exhibition Center (Hereinafter referred to as “Louvre”) draws more than 2,000 domestic and foreign premium brands of home furniture and over 20 themed pavilions, covering all categories. It is rated as a national 4A-level tourist spot; in which the n products are guaranteed with 100% environmental protection, and are delivered and installed around the whole country for free. All the furniture you visit is ready for sale. Louvre provides you an experience of living in hotels but just like staying at home. These are characteristics of Louvre and also the prominent features of China’s Lecong Furniture Plaza. Therefore, those who come to Lecong Furniture Plaza are sure to have a visit in Louvre even though they are not intended to buy any furniture. Particularly, many national leaders and celebrities choose to come here, for visiting.


Sunlink Furniture City (South and North)

  Sunlink Furniture City is divided into South area and North area, with its North area close to Louvre. The chief business of North Sunlink involves three furniture series, including furniture of bedroom and living room, mahogany furniture and office furniture, while South Sunlink mainly sells household products such as civil and hotel furniture, sofas and decorations. Besides, in South Sunlink, there are purchasing areas including sofa pavilion, hotel furniture pavilion, soft decoration pavilion, direct sales pavilion of mahogany, modern and opulent furniture pavilion, and pavilion of furniture for dining room and living room.


Lecong International Furnishing Exhibition Center

  Lecong International Furnishing Exhibition Center is situated on the right side of Sunlink Furniture City (North), consisting of Block A and Block B.  The 1st-2nd floors of these two blocks are mainly for soft sofas, suite furniture, living room furniture, hotel furniture and outdoor furniture. The 3rd floor of Block A is chiefly for household accessories, and the 4th-6th floors for furniture with Chinese style, mahogany furniture and classical furniture, while the 3rd-4th floors of Block B sell branded office furniture, and the 5th floor is used as an exhibition hall of high-level furniture with European style .

Empire Furniture Mall

  Empire Furniture Mall is sited on both sides of Guangzhan Highway in Lecong Town with Block A-Block M. It possesses four furniture stores: Royal, Noble, Modern  and Pricerite. The Royal Store is on the 2nd-4th floors of Block A, mainly selling domestic and overseas luxurious furniture; the Noble Store is in Block L, chiefly dealing in new noble furniture; the Modern Store is on the 2nd-4th floors of Block F-Block G, which sells domestic branded furniture; the Pricerite Store is on the 2nd-3rd floors of Block E, displaying furniture of urban houses with foreign-style.


Lecong Red Star Macalline Furniture Exhibition and Wholesale Center

  Lecong Red Star Macalline Furniture Exhibition and Wholesale Center is situated on Shuiteng Road, Lecong Town, with a wide range of home products. In the Center, there are various household furniture exhibition halls including International Sleep Hall, Mahogany Collection Hall, TREASURE Solid Wood Hall, Kid Gic Children’s Hall, Aesthetic Customized Hall, Supreme European and American Hall, and Modern and Luxurious Hall. This Center is the only wholesale platform among hundreds of Red Star Macalline furniture malls, so the price is more favorable than that of local Red Star Macalline furniture malls.


Nanhua Furniture Direct Sales Center

  Nanhua Furniture Direct Sales Center is located in the third row of Lecong Furniture Plaza, which is composed of three parts: Nanhua, Yifeng and Huizhan. Behind Empire Furniture Mall are Nanhua stores, which are divided into four buildings: A, B, C and D, with floors 1-6 mainly dealing in middle- and high-end furniture, suites, furniture of living room and dining room, and soft furniture. In the part of Huizhan, solid wood furniture, soft furniture and small furniture are the main business. For Yifeng, it is situated in the first row of Lecong Furniture Plaza near Provincial Highway 121, including upper and lower floors. This area mainly sells office furniture, furniture of living room and dining room. The products in Nanhua are economical and cost-effective in general, whose quality is relatively premium in particular. Some brands are comparable in quality to those in Louvre.


  In conclusion, there are more than 180 large and small home furniture malls in Lecong Furniture Plaza, so I won't go into details here. People who want to know more about the Plaza or furniture malls can visit the "Lecong Furniture Plaza Chamber of Commerce" in the official website.
  If you have a need to buy a whole set of furniture and focus more on brand, quality, design and after-sales, it is recommended to go to the malls like Louvre, Empire, Red Star Macalline and Shunlink (North). By contrast, those who center on price first but not so care about quality and design or those who mainly want to buy furniture wholesale, it is advised to go to these furniture malls such as Nanhua, Dongming and Tuanyi, etc., which have prominent advantages in terms of price.


  After placing an order in a furniture mall, you can't get the goods on the same day except those in stock. If you live near the mall, make an appointment to take the products by yourself or ask the store to recommend a truck for you; If you live far away from it, ask the store to recommend a van or send the goods through logistics.
  If you need to purchase multiple pieces of furniture, it is suggested to arrange a loose schedule which lasts for 3-4 days. The hotels and restaurants near Lecong Furniture Plaza are varied and many. Even in the peak season of household furniture exhibitions with crowds of people, you just need to book them online in advance.


Image: Four representative rooms in Sofitel Foshan that gives the experience of staying at home and is ready for sale if you can visit

  Ok, that's all for this guide. The household products in Lecong Furniture Plaza are diverse in kinds, premium in quality and excellent in style. Even if you come from other places, it is still quite cost-effective after deducting the money for round-trip air tickets. Purchasing furniture in Lecong Furniture Plaza can save a lot of money than buying it locally.