Apr 15 . 2022

A “personalized artist” in the home? It is wall art!

At this years Academy Awards ceremony, except the hot topics, the stage design was more impressive. The stage was designed by Emmy Awards creative director and scene designer David Korins, who shaped the stage creatively with an immersive atmosphere and hidden dynamics.

The stage backdrop is composed of interconnected circles of varying sizes. The whole stage looks like a swirl in general, building a science-fiction gate leading to the future under vivid lighting.



Isnt this stage more like a huge picture? It is not only beautiful but also cool!

In reality, many people want to show how special and individualized they are through their homes. For example, Spanish architect Joaquin Torres has designed a big villa called Marbella with an area of 3,000 m2. Its oversized wall decoration fully expresses his romance.

In this villa, Joaquin Torres designs decorative paintings at many places, and uses a large string curtain decorative painting as the partition between the living and dining rooms, showing rhythmic modern aesthetics, making the villa fashionable and grand. Luxury houses all have oversized elements.



A vivid decorative painting is used at the dining room, and is combined with the chandelier on the top and the color lamp strips, making the interior more colorful.


Both ornaments and mechanisms

Its not enough to make the decorative paintings beautiful. It would be more funny if these decorative paintings are designed into mechanisms in martial arts novels. Melbourne-based architect John Wardle not only likes decorative paintings, but also likes to combine materials and elements to create interesting and novel designs, so many clever designs can be found in his home.

In John Wardle’s home, the greatest eye-catcher at the entryway is the wall design of the corridor. The wall is full of decorative paintings, and their positions can be adjusted randomly with the slots on it.


Except the corridor paintings, this painting in the living room plays a unique role in the space, making the big white wall not lonely.

Of course, as wall art, decorative paintings must be fashionable enough to stand out .

Timeless pop art

Western pop artist Russell Young is known for his large screen-printed cultural idols. He once took pictures of Monroe, David Bowie, Elvis Presley, etc., and witnessed the Western star boom.



Each diamond dust silk-printed work created by Russell Young is a gallery-grade masterpiece worth over $1 million, and the shiny pearly luster can be seen from different perspectives. If there is a work of Russell Young in your home, its not only about your personality. Many people would admire you, and visit your home often.

Fashionable and elegant focal paintings

Masterpieces cannot be possessed by ordinary people, but this does not affect your pursuit for arts or your effort to create an artistic home. Perhaps, hanging a painting at an appropriate position will make your home unique.

For example, you can hang an oversized painting at the entryway, in the living room or on the main wall of the space to strengthen the collision of color and emotion, create a visual focus for the space and set the mood. A separate small painting will add a finishing touch, and can be combined with other indoor items to create an atmosphere.


If the home space is limited, you can choose a combined decorative painting. The most interesting feature of it is that it not only gives your home space a unique artistic expression, but also introduces the most exciting inspiration into your daily life.



For example, the wall decoration designed by Indian sculptor Ranjani Shettar with a creative combined decorative painting is really impressive. It runs through the living room of this residence on the Long Island, and creates personality by breaking through conventional single wall design. It generates motion lines that run through different spaces, and maximizes the artistic expression of walls.



Except the above points, decorative paintings in multiple styles are also available, and should be coordinated with the overall environment in color. The selection and arrangement process of decorative paintings is a wonderful journey of art, and you can make use of your passion and imagination to experience it carefully.

Recommended hot items – “small ornaments present great art

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Paintings are simple, but life isnt. A good decorative painting can light up an ordinary life. If you have an inspiration, just let creativity bring infinite possibilities to your home in this April!

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