May 12 . 2022

The layout of the bedroom gives you another reason to stay in bed

What does an attractive bedroom look like?

It must be of a charming design and a high-quality experience, so that you feel enjoyable at home......

For example, this fashionable couple returning from abroad lives in this big villa with an area of 500 m2. A single-family villa should be a combination of life and art.

They expect their bedrooms to be simple, elegant, casual and unique. These words seem simple, but they are like an elusive open question. Let’s see how the designer “answers” it.

While pursuing Wabi-Sabi aesthetics, the designer lays down a steady and reserved keynote for the space with gray, white and brown, evading the dullness of white walls cleverly, and delivering the unique scholarliness of this family. The solid wood floors and light gray wall coverings create a reclusive and elegant atmosphere of the bedroom. At a glance, it makes people feel “living abroad”. Its beautiful and functional.

In addition, the plants at the headboard are just right. These details further add some naturalness to modern life. When withdrawing the certain, you can see a scene full of green. The designer really understands what modern people want.

Fusion of bright-color blocks

/// Built-in artistic lens

Except black, white and brown, there are more colors. In the bedroom of this French apartment, the designer uses blue and green extensively to make it look modern and active, and show the master’s unrestrained character. The bright yellow sofa chair brings more color collisions to the space. The small study at the corner of the room looks warm and tranquil.

In such a lively space, people feel as if they are in a jungle of early summer. The freshness and quietness makes people cant help but relax their tense nerves and release pressure thoroughly.

Fresh, bright and clear Instagram style

/// Lovely softness

This bedroom in Manhattan apartment has a distinctive trendy round bed, which makes people feel being on vacation. The warm and soft main tone like milk tea makes the bedroom particularly quiet and fresh. The light creamy color is both vivid and soft, and ample lighting makes the bedroom look particularly spacious and bright.

The artistic wall paintings, chandelier and retro screens not only enrich the soft decoration of the bedroom, but also make the space classy instantly.

Retro bedroom

/// Movie texture

Following the light-colored Instagram style, let’s feel this retro bedroom. This movie-textured retro bedroom uses peacock green as the main tone, ivory white and a touch of green as brightening colors, which perfectly neutralize the noble alienation brought by vintage green.

The geometric bed frame makes the bedroom much more relaxing, and its fabric is made from three clave velvets. Its superb comfort translates into higher sleep quality.

Healing moments of bedroom space

As a private space in the home, the bedroom is of self-evident importance. Being warm, comfortable, relaxing and free is everyone's expectation for the bedroom. Sometimes, changing the layout of the bedroom can make you feel good again.

Want to have a sweet sleep every night? Want to make your bedroom more in line with your imagination? Louvre Furnishings has selected several sets of good-looking and practical bedroom furnishings for you. Let’s unlock more refined bedroom spaces together!

2FC17B Mylatex

Mylatex’s bestselling bed set of master bedroom uses a simple but fashionable high-class gray tone. The well-crafted, steady and soft leather bed looks classy. It is matched with blue-white tie-dyed beddings, making the bedroom look more comfortable and softer. In combination with the light blue bedside tables and the clear-cut line design, the whole space looks simple and orderly.

2FD09 Sleemon

The light gray headboard is restrained and steady itself, and looks simple and natural in front of the wall’s background color. The cushions of moderate softness bring comfort without feeling too heavy. The floor lamp of minimalism style beside brings out the relaxing atmosphere of the bedroom with soft light, and the comfortable mattress on the firm bed frame ensures a high-quality sleep for the whole night.

2FD12 My Side

This elegant American-style Ann Arbor cloth bed from My Side is inspired by the beautiful university town of Ann Arbor. Leather and cloth are combined in an innovative way, and the headboard is made of a breathable, wear-resistant and durable fabric, making the bed warm and comfortable. The leather used as an ornament creates a structured visual appeal.

In this fully relaxing space, every detail should be treated carefully. A set of comfortable beddings, several exquisite ornaments, the mix of light and colors, and the overall style and atmosphere all give the bedroom a sense of security and belonging.

If you want comfortable bedroom furniture at the least cost, please visit Louvre Furnishings. The selected bedroom furniture here will meet all your imaginations and expectations for the bedroom!