May 25 . 2021

Louvre Furnishings丨20 Home Decoration Styles in 20 Theme Exhibition Pavilions

  SALONE DEL MOBILE MILANO, a leading exhibition in the furniture and interior design industry, always attracts tens of thousands of insiders and home furnishing fans. However, a few days of exhibition could not satisfy all people. Therefore, if you want to appreciate the latest home design products immediately, travel through various theme pavilions and admire diversified home furnishing styles without being constrained by time, the Louvre Furnishings Group, named as an “Everlasting Furnishing Exhibition”, would be the best option for you.



In the last report, we have already introduced you Area A of Louvre Furnishings in great detail. Now, we would like to introduce you the Area B.


1/F: Area for Massage Armchair/Fitness Equipment, Small Furniture, and Modern Furniture

  We could see the Area B once we enter the Louvre Furnishings from the main entrance. The first floor is designed as an area for massage armchairs/fitness equipment, small furniture, and modern furniture.

  The Area for Massage Armchair/Fitness Equipment displays various types of quality and full-featured massage armchairs and fitness equipment, which could offer more options for people yearning for healthy life to relax, reduce pressure, and keep fit. SGA, ROTAI, OFREE and other famous brands display their products here.

  The Area for Small Furniture is designed to display various home furnishing products with a full range in new styles, such as liquor cabinets, tea tables, deck chairs, fireplaces, etc. You could find whatever you want here. Adam, Simailing, Songyuan Nanchan and other famous brands gather here to display their elegant products.



The picture is provided by Songyuan Nanchan, 1FB50 in Louvre Furnishings Group, Foshan, China


2/F: Modern Furniture Area

  The Modern Furniture Area, which is arranged on the first and the second floor, displays varied fashionable furniture featured with modern style. The products are both elegant and stylish, decorating the customers’ high-quality life with good taste and charm. NATUZZI EDITIONS, CAMPO DE' FIORI, LAZBOY and other leading brands all displays their products here.



The picture is provided by LAZBOY, 1FB70 in Louvre Furnishings Group, Foshan, China


3/F: Area for Entry Lux Modern Furniture

  The third floor of Area B is designed as an area for entry lux modern furniture, gathering nationally famous entry lux modern furniture brands such as PABLO, LIFEDBO Furniture (TF68), CIK, etc. showing customers the unique taste and exquisite style.



The picture is provided by LIFEDBO Furniture (TF68), 3FB23 in Louvre Furnishings Group, Foshan, China


4/F: Area for Classical Furniture Featured with European and American Style

  Area for Classical Furniture Featured with European and American Style is designed on the fourth floor of Area B, and many world-leading brands, such as EUROPA, James Bond, and Champagne Mansion, are introduced to demonstrate the magnificence of Italian Baroque style, romance and charm of French Rococo style, passion and enthusiasm of Spanish style, etc. Such type of furniture would be the most elegant option for you to hold a banquet or receive your VIPs at home.



The picture is provided by EUROPA, 4FB35 in Louvre Furnishings Group, Foshan, China


5/F: Louvre Vita

  The Louvre Vita is set on the fifth floor of Area B to display self-run brands of Louvre Furnishings. You may enjoy lots of furniture products in various mainstream styles, including the French prettiness and elegance, Spanish passion and steadiness, Italian majesty and grace, American vigor and profoundness, etc. You may find the right piece here for your natural, relaxed, and high-quality life.



  For more information about Area C and D, please stay tuned. Thank you.