Jul 28 . 2021

Accurate, detailed and comprehensive! Solid wood furniture shopping guide for beginners

  In the post-pandemic age, safety and health is still the primary concern of the whole society. As an important “family member” in close contact with us, furniture is of particular interest. Rich in colors and sophisticated in workmanship, panel furniture requires more environmental and health concerns. While solid wood furniture, made of natural materials, is more reassuring than panel furniture from the perspective of environmental friendliness. For this reason, solid wood furniture is more popular in the market in the post-pandemic age.
  Listed below are some common Q&A related to the purchase of solid wood furniture.


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  What are the TYPES of solid wood furniture?
  Block board furniture: spliced with crude wood piece by piece, being the purest type of solid wood furniture
  Finger joints board furniture: spliced with finer small boards, cheaper than block board furniture, but with disorderly patterns in general
  Mixed board furniture: spliced with wide solid boards as the main part, and replaced with cheap auxiliary solid wood materials in minor parts
  Frame solid wood furniture: using solid wood in the frame of the main part, and artificial boards in minor parts


Block board
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Finger joints board
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  How to choose MATERIALS of solid wood furniture?
  Solid wood furniture is available in diversified materials, which should be chosen based on your own needs. Several major materials on the market are presented briefly here.
  Ash tree: hard and dense texture, nice grains, smooth sections, excellent paint and adhesive performance, easy to process
  Oak: hard and heavy texture, good quality, clear mountain grains, highly decorative
  Black walnut: elegant colors, nice grains, high strength and durability, unlikely to be deformed or crack
  Pine: soft texture, nice grains; excellent elasticity, air permeability and thermal conductivity
  Beech: hard texture; nice, natural, and large grains; similar to rosewood in color


Photo by courtesy of Gold Rich at 3FB21, Louvre International Furniture Exhibition Center (European-style neoclassical bed made mainly of beech), Foshan

  How to choose BRANDS of solid wood furniture?
  Brands of solid wood furniture are often chosen based on such factors as workmanship, design and service, and then from the following categories.
  International brands: They prefer black walnut as the main material, and are bolder in design and more demanding in workmanship.
  Traditional Chinese brands: They boast excellent quality, services and a significant price advantage.
  Emerging and original Chinese brands: They are often original design brands with prominent design advantages, and superb workmanship and services.
  Independent designer brands: They are solid wood furniture brands processed by factories following the excellent designs of independent designers, and pursue individuality and uniqueness in design.


Photo by courtesy of U+ (emerging and original Chinese brand) at 3FD08, Louvre International Furniture Exhibition Center, Foshan

  Is all the solid wood furniture ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY?
  Although timbers used in solid wood furniture are natural and contamination-free, various paints are used in surface treatment, and formaldehyde, benzene compounds and other harmful substances emitted would pose threat to human health. However, you can still avoid pitfalls when buying solid wood furniture as long as you remember the following contamination degree rankings.
  Contamination degree rankings in a descending order:
  PU paints> nitrocellulose lacquers /NC paints> UV paints>water-based paints>wax oil (mostly natural)
  Accordingly, choosing solid wood furniture surface-treated with wax oil or water-based paints will minimize contamination.


Photo by courtesy of Hooz (wax oil finished solid wood bed), 3FA33-35, Louvre International Furniture Exhibition Center, Foshan

  In general, adequate preparations should be made before purchasing any solid wood furniture. The above instructions are expected to turn you from a beginner to a sophisticated buyer of solid wood furniture. If you don’t want to bother to prepare guides, you’re advised to go to the Louvre International Furniture Exhibition Center directly - the leading mall of the Lecong Furniture Mart. There is a modern solid wood furniture hall on the 3rdFloor of Zone A in the mall, where modern solid wood furniture of different styles from trendy, concise to elegant is displayed, all from Tier-1 brands like Shishome, Hezhen, Zenroom, Seine Casa and Charles's House.


  There is another benefit of shopping at Louvre is that you don’t have to look for furnishing products finished with water-based paints, wax oil or other environment-friendly paints, because all furnishing products are inspected strictly before introduction, and inspected randomly at stores after introduction. Even if you buy any product not conforming to the national environmental standards, you will receive advance compensation at twice of the purchase price, and enjoy 100% quality and after-sales guarantee.
  Moreover, Louvre has a world-class air freshening system, and displays PM2.5, the environmental pollution index, and other indicators on the LED screens all over the mall, showing our determination to create a green shopping environment for consumers. It is noteworthy that there is no odor throughout the mall, which is not easy for a furnishing mall.


  As everyone already knows, Louvre aims to give you a high-quality home. With these measures, Louvre has now become the first choice for a healthy home. It is not difficult to choose the right solid wood furniture. If you love solid wood furniture, you can visit Louvre to bring nature into your home!