May 01 . 2021

Millions of special privileges, and free orders

  Shopping Spree at Louvre Furnishings in May Day Holiday
  Labor is glorious - enjoy the calmness
  Free orders worth RMB10,000, RMB1,000 discount for each purchase worth over RMB10,000, generous gifts and grand prizes, and red packets for every single day.
  5·1 Free-Order Reward
  Work is the most glorious - enjoy free orders every day!
  During May 1-5, 2021, 9:30-18:30, Louvre Furnishings will launch a 5.1 free-order lucky draw activity. During the promotion, any customer who buys furnishing products at Louvre Furnishings and pays no less than 30% of the transaction price may take part in the free-order lucky draw activity to win a prize of up to RMB10000 in cash! The free-order lucky draw activity will start at 15:30 and 17:30 everyday, and 15 winners will be generated from the lucky draw activity. There will be 75 winners during the holiday.
  Detailed rules:
  1.To take part in the free-order lucky draw activity, a customer must make an order using a uniform sales agreement of the mall (specifying the customer’s full name, detailed address and phone number), and pay no less than 30% of the transaction price per agreement;
  2.If the prize amount is greater than the amount payable by the customer of the 5.1 discount lucky draw coupon, the discount should be limited to such amount, otherwise the discount should be limited to the prize amount;
  3.Winner information in the 5.1 free-order reward shall be consistent with the signer of the uniform sales agreement;
  4.The 5.1 free order winner shall pay personal occasional income tax which is 20% of the free order amount according to the national tax law;
  5.One sales agreement can be exchanged for one 5.1 free-bill raffle ticket only;
  6.A customer winning the 5.1 free-order prize will not be entitled to any further free order in the same day;
  7.The amount of the 5.1 free-order prize is drawn by the customer from the system on site, and is up to RMB10,000 in cash;
  8.The raffle ticket of the 5.1 free-order lucky draw activity is valid within the promotion hours on the date of issue only, otherwise it will be invalid if overdue;
  9.The raffle ticket of the free-order lucky draw activity should be exchanged after the application of any other privilege only;
  10.The customers must participate in the 5.1 free-order lucky draw activity and receive the prize in person, and no form of entrustment is accepted.