Sep 30 . 2021

A Bright Future of Full-Coverage Furnishings丨Louvre Full-coverage Customization Zone Was Opened

On September 29, The Meeting “A Bright Future of Full-coverage Furnishings - the Great Bay Area <Designing Joyful Life>” and Opening Ceremony of Louvre Full-coverage Customization Zone was launched at Louvre Constellation Plaza (罗浮宫星座广场) in Lecong Town, Shunde, Guangdong. Hundreds of outstanding designers from Guangdong, Hong Kong-Macao Great Bay Area were invited to participate in the event.



The event was supported by the Institute of Interior Design of the Architecture Society of China, and jointly sponsored by Louvre Home Furnishing Group Foshan Environmental Design Association, Foshan Shunde Interior Design Association and Shunde Architecture and Decorate Institute.



Thoughts: Industrial Giants Empower the Industry

At the beginning of the event, Mr. Xie Zhiming, president of Foshan Environmental Design Association, made an in-depth analysis of the inevitability of promoting integration of industry resources and strengthening design practice and theoretical research in today’s Greater Bay Area, considering the development in our times.

President Xie Zhiming said, “Allowing in-depth communication and interaction between designers, the event embodies the reflection on the role of designing in the Bay Area, cities, homes,  economy, culture and life, which significantly promotes  exchange of ideas and the joint construction and sharing of design ecological chain.”



Hu Song, vice president of Louvre Home Furnishing Group, also gave a welcome speech on site and introduced the development of the Group’s full-coverage customization business.

In promoting the development of the design industry, Louvre has spared no effort over the past 21 years, inviting world-renowned design gurus every year, Mr. Hu said.  The Group also holds various high-end forums involving top designers from time to time, and actively carries out various creative design activities to empower the home furnishing with design and culture, he added.



Thoughts: Design Gurus Gave Wonderful Speeches

At the event, Mr. Wu Wenli, founder of Shenzhen Huge Rock Design Co., Ltd., and Mr. Qiu Chunrui (Chiu Chun Jui), PhD candidate in design, Chung Yuan Christian University (Taiwan),  shared their opinions on the  trends and tendencies of home design.


- Wu Wenli: Design Thinking in the Home Dimension

“The practice of spatial design reflects a philosophical view of relationships - the relationship between people; that between space, environment and people; that between space, objects, feelings and situations; that between design and strategies, between architecture and culture; that between space and life, between drawings and sites; that between colors and textures, between shapes and light/shadow. Design is the art of dealing with various relationships.”



- Qiu Chunrui: Leaving Blank Space

“Chinese ink painting contains profound oriental philosophy and modern design concept. Chinese literati painting is Zen-based, with ‘discovering self-nature’ as the infallible method of creation. Self-discovery is also a necessary process before a designer’s burst of energy. Learning to constantly zeroing the subjective consciousness is an important way to reach a higher level of design.”



Setting Sail: Louvre Full-coverage Customization Zone Opened

As another highlight of the event, Louvre full-coverage customization zone was officially launched.

Louvre Full-coverage Customization Zone on the first floor of Louvre International Furniture Exhibition Center presents a collection of famous domestic and foreign decoration and furnishings brands that provide custom services, such as Muli, Macio, Boloni, Rive Gauche, SUNMESH, etc. It will provide customers with truly one-stop services and a trendier, better-quality and healthier lifestyle  with its world-calss designs, full product ranges and care-free back-end services.



It takes joint efforts of all designers, enterprises and service providers to create more personalized and better space experience for consumers and promote the overall development of the industry. In the future, Louvre Home Furnishing will empower home furnishing enterprises and live up to the expectations of the consumers for personalized designs, quality experiences and professional services by pooling excellent designers with its unique advantages !