Aug 31 . 2021

A comfortable life begins with an upholstered sofa!

  Modern people can be easily satisfied when it comes to comfort. For example, when you return home at a night without overtime work, you can slump into the sofa, close your eyes and empty your mind. Whether you lie on your side, back or stomach, or loll on the sofa, you will have a cozy time.
  Except a unique home atmosphere, a comfortable sofa can also bring a soft sense of security, and reclusive relaxation and contentment. Compared to solid wood sofas, upholstered sofas are softer and cozier, and are available in more functions and designs, and that’s why they are highly pursued by consumers.


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  Several carefully chosen upholstered sofas of different styles and categories are presented here. They are bestsellers of their respective brands. Let’s take a look!

  I.Functional sofas
  Recommended brand: STRESSLESS
  Recommended product: Emily corner sofa

  STRESSLESS is a leisure sofa brand originally imported from North Europe, and is certified and recommended by the American Chiropractic Association for its waist recuperation effect.
  It is an electrically stretching functional sofa, with an electric system provided in its backrest and seat. With a button press, your body can stretch and relax thoroughly. The seat is spacious, and provided with an independent motor, allowing you to enjoy the comfort of full stretching of the backrest and seat at any time.


Photo courtesy of STRESSLESS at 1FD01, Louvre International Furniture Exhibition Center, Foshan

  II.Genuine leather sofas
  Recommended brand: W.SCHILLIG
  Recommended product: minimal modern full-genuine leather corner sofa

  W.SCHILLIG is a leader of the German furniture manufacturing industry, and an advocator of cultural sitting instruments of Germany, with an upholstered furniture manufacturing history of 72 years. Its original OTO four-layer supporting system brings unique sitting experiences to customers.
  This minimal modern corner sofa is made of fine-grained top-layer cattle hide creating an impression of low-key luxury. The double-layer spring structure provides lasting support and unrivaled comfort to the user. Its reserved yet majestic appearance and high-quality details create a home environment with a unique taste.


Photo courtesy of W.SCHILLIG at 1FC10, Louvre International Furniture Exhibition Center, Foshan

  III.Creative sofas
  Recommended brand: Limitless
  Recommended product: G-shaped sofa

  Limitless is a famous international furniture brand from the Netherlands, renowned worldwide for original products with leading designs and superb crafts. It has obtained over 200 design patents in the EU, U.S. and China.
  The design of this G-shaped sofa is inspired by the Chinese word “回” in traditional calligraphy. By combining the Chinese oriental philosophy with the western crafts, the Limitless design team shapes the furniture with simple, smooth and round lines to highlight the simplicity, stylishness, and nobleness of a modern living room.


Photo courtesy of Limitless at 1FD09, Louvre International Furniture Exhibition Center, Foshan

  The above recommended sofas are available at the Louvre International Furniture Exhibition Center in one stop. Louvre is located in Lecong Town, Shunde District - the town of furniture trade of China, and is a benchmark in the Chinese furniture industry. Domestic and overseas Tier-1 upholstered sofa brands like NATUZZI, STRESSLESS, Limitless, CAMPO DE' FIORI and LAZBOY are available here, offering over 1,000 upholstered sofas with high quality, great comfort and novel design to consumers. The environmental commitment of “100% double advance compensation”, the air quality index displayed all over the mall, and the advanced air freshening system together make up Louvre’s double guarantee in product quality and shopping environment, and help consumers build a nice and healthy home.

  A comfortable home life begins with a cozy and nice upholstered sofa! Come to Louvre to try our upholstered sofas now!