Feb 25 . 2022

“Chinese red” that fascinates Eileen Gu looks fabulous on furniture!

Talented girl Eileen Gu has been all the rage recently that even those who don’t watch the Winter Olympics have heard of her. Especially when she greeted the audience in the five star red national flag after the finals of women’s slopestyle, the whole nation was proud and excited. She won this silver medal by getting the high score of 86.23 points in the third attempt despite of great pressure after making a mistake in the second attempt, but it was much more valuable than a gold medal as it exemplified a quite popular saying today, “If a miracle has a color, it must be Chinese red!”


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Obviously, red that represents happiness and liveliness has been more important than its basic concept as a color in the minds of the Chinese, and is rather a cultural totem and spiritual refuge. In particular, as the China chic prevails, the Chinese are introducing more traditional Chinese-style elements into home decoration and furnishings, which brings much popularity to rosewood,furniturethat is also Chinese red.

From conciseness of the Ming style to elegance of the Qing style, rosewood furniture has rich historical and cultural connotations, and has stood the test of time.

Let’s feel the infinite charm of “Chinese red” in home furnishings through some classical cases.


1. Noble living room reminiscent of the Ming and Qing dynasties

This is a Chinese retro style duplex villa, and its living room has the very characteristic of a wealthy family’s home in the Ming and Qing dynasties.

After passing through the hollowed-out engraved lintel, you will enter the gorgeous and grand living room. The sofa set is made from Siam rosewood with an age of 800 years. The rare tree species and purely handmade carvings reveal the owner’s identity and status. The wall behind the sofas is decorated with wallpaper patterned with falling flowers, adding a touch of freshness and elegance to the splendid space. The antique Chinese-style engraved pendant lamp suspended from the ceiling fully reflects the owner’s leisurely state of mind and elegant taste.


Photo courtesy of Minggongxuan at 4FD08-11, Louvre International Furniture Exhibition Center, Foshan

2. Luxurious bedroom reminiscent of the Ming and Qing dynasties

Also of Chinese classical style, this bedroom is as majestic and charming as an ancient royal home.

The antique decoration and the splendid, elegant interior make one feel as if in a royal palace. The noble, elegant and durable bed is made from Dalbergia latifolia (also known as Indonesian black rosewood). The ripple pattern on the headboard implies peacefulness and auspiciousness, and shows nobleness with copper pieces decorated. The Italian calf leather backrest is matched with natural timber to make one feel warm and cozy. The two ink painting screens behind the bed integrate nature into the classic style to bring out a unique charm, and create an edifying Zen space for the owner.


Photo courtesy of HCHOME at 4FC09, Louvre International Furniture Exhibition Center, Foshan


3. Classical dining room immersing you in the culture

This dining room is decorated in Chinese style, and full of elements of traditional houses, creating a strong cultural atmosphere in every detail.

The dining table and chairs are made from Dalbergia latifolia, and all lines and corners are circular to ensure greater safety and reflect the Chinese philosophy of “round sky and square earth”. The beam on the top of each chair is classically designed like an official hat, reflecting refined scholarliness, and also passing on good blessings of “a successful official career”. The ink paintings as the backdrop create a poetic mood for the dining room, and the low-pitched and concise carpet under the dining table is well integrated with the ink paintings, highlighting the owner’s reserved and unaffected character.


Photo courtesy of Huahang Rosewood at 4FC16-19, Louvre International Furniture Exhibition Center, Foshan


Each of these home spaces composed of rosewood furniture is attractive and fascinating. Here is a fun fact:not all red solid wood furniture of classical Chinese style is called “rosewood furniture”. According to the national standard, rosewood includes five genera, eight categories and 29 main varieties. The five genera are named after genera in tree science, namely Pterocarpus, Dalbergia, Diospyros, Millettia and Cassia, while the eight categories are named after trade names of timbers, namely red sandalwood, rosewood, scented rosewood, black rosewood, redwood, ebony, Macassar ebony and chicken-wing wood. Any furniture made from any timber other than those listed above cannot be called “rosewood furniture”.

The rosewood furniture shown in the above cases, whether made from Dalbergia latifolia or Siam rosewood, is all made fromrosewood under national standard. These pieces are being displayed at the Rosewood Furniture Hall on Floor 4 of Zones C and D of the Louvre International Furniture Exhibition Center, located in Lecong Town, Shunde District. To learn more information, you can go to these stores for inquiry. The hall gathers domestic top-class rosewood furniture brands, represented by Huahang Rosewood, Daming Yayun and Heyixuan, with over 1,000 selected piecesin Beijing, Cantonese, Suzhou and other styles. The solemn atmosphere here makes it look like a well decorated and designed furniture museum, with furniture and furnishings being its exquisite exhibits.


The rosewood furniture displayed here is made from rare materials through masterly skills, and can improve the home’s cultural literacy and the owner’s taste significantly. However, In todays increasingly technological society, rosewood furniture, however, seems to misfit currently popular design elements, frustrating youngsters who like rosewood furniture when decorating their homes. In fact, finding a whole case customization team is an easy way out.

A professional and efficient whole case customization team would create the home space exclusively based on the owner’s preferences and needs in terms of functional layout, style, budget, drawing design, furniture selection, soft decoration, construction, installation, etc. From a cabinet to and official chair, from a wood carving to a pen holder, all of them can be coordinated with modern decoration and the whole home with the help of the designer, thereby showing the beauty of unity and harmony.


Photo courtesy of Muli at 1FB72, Louvre International Furniture Exhibition Center, Foshan


There is a whole case customization zone on the ground floor of Zone A of the Louvre International Furniture Exhibition Center, where leading brands in whole case customization set showrooms here, like Muli, Boloni, M77, Rive Gauche and Moolv. Just select your favorite brand, specify your requirements, and wait for 3-6 months to embrace your new home.

Chinese red is the warmest color. If happiness has a color, it must also be Chinese red!