Apr 29 . 2022

A “personalized artist” in the home? It is wall art!

This day 458 years ago, Shakespeare was born. As the greatest dramatist and poet of Europe in the Renaissance period, Shakespeare not only brings us ultimate love, but also shows a romantic atmosphere across time and space.

“When I do count the clock that tells the time,

And see the brave day sunk in hideous night;

When I behold the violet past prime,

And sable curls all silvered over with white; ……”



Known as Shakespeare’s most romantic sonnet, it not only presents a portrait of love, interprets the intensity and entanglement of love, but also reveals British classical aesthetics: the clock on the wall, the violet in spring, and the people under snow. Do you feel that? Behind these passionate verses, people would imagine different scenes.


This romance between lines can be felt more concretely in the movie Shakespeare in Love, as reflected in the cultural appearance of Britain in Renaissance period, such as busy flagstone roads, and classical British-style buildings with red walls, white tiles and a bell tower.



The movie also shows extremely splendid decorative details of the Renaissance, including engraved wood furniture frequently seen in living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms, revealing a style of timeless and low-key luxury.

Why don’t we draw on Shakespeare’s romantic inspiration boldly to make our modern living room more creative?

Interpretation: neoclassical style

The primary code of Shakespeare’s romance must be the “Renaissance”. Buildings in the Renaissance period are actually of neoclassical style, inspired by examples of ancient Greek and Roman architecture, as well as the classical thinking of symmetry, clarity, beauty and harmony.



For example, the Florence Cathedral was the first landmark building of the Renaissance period. Best known for its dome mimicking the Pantheon cleverly, it is a masterpiece of the genius architect Brunelleschi. He designed the spatial rhythm of the great dome like a composer. The musical notes are undulating at the end of the light, and every turn has the aesthetic feeling of variation.

Giotto’s Campanile beside the Florence Cathedral is a Gothic building. It is a six-layer square structure stacking up into a column and coated with white marble outside, looking pure and elegant. Its main feature lies in that it integrates architectural styles of different regions with classical orders by adopting ancient Greek Roman orders as elements of composition.



Palazzo Vecchio, also located in Florence, is the cradle of the Renaissance in Italy. Michelangelo’s famous sculpture David was formerly at the gate of Palazzo Vecchio, and is now collected by the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence.

With a strong medieval style, Palazzo Vecchio has lent its classical bell tower, hollowed-out pavilion, archway, etc. to later generations to date through continual improvement.

In fact, if we interprets Shakespeare’s “Renaissance” from the perspective of modern home design in daily life, we intend to create retro style home scenes. Classical elements should not be simply copied, but applied in a flexible and innovative manner.

Solemnness: British classical style

In Shakespeare’s romance”, the aesthetic code has two parts, in which the first part is always presenting a classical and solemn style.



The famous guesthouse Thornewood Castle in Seattle is a British classical style building. People will have a retro feeling across time and space when seeing from the outside.



The elegant red bricks, solemn wood door, spiral stairway with a red carpet, candle chandelier…… The interior of Thornewood Castle preserves elaborate details of British classicism, and highly reproduces the Renaissance atmosphere.



Inspirations can be drawn appropriately for the home environment. If your living room is tall enough, you can create relief ornaments from the ceiling. The whole space presents a sense of elegant solemnness with smooth lines and complex engraving details.



If your house is the same height as an ordinary residential building , you can try classical wood furniture, make the boundary between the home and public spaces vague, and connect the balcony and staircase cleverly to create an open visual field, and highlight the low-key luxury of British classical royalty.

Reference index: ★★★☆☆

Recommended scene of modern living room: keywords——solemn and warm

3FB21 Gold Rich

The Gold Rich JS dining series uses dark brown timber extensively to create gorgeous and solemn British classical style through exquisite details.

4FB31 Bolusi

The rich-textured solid wood furniture set creates an elegant and retro atmosphere in the living room. The decoration selectively used on wooden walls presents a classical charm.

Fresh: British countryside style

The second part of the aesthetic code of Shakespeare’s romance is the fresh and natural countryside style.

Helen Porter Mitchell, the greatest opera soprano singer at the end of the Victorian era, was also a lover of British countryside style.

In her famous mansion in Australia, the interior decoration is of British countryside style: The light green walls, floral sofas, classical fireplace…… show a strong atmosphere of British noble vacation.

When applying British countryside style to the decoration of living rooms, clean light white is usually used as the main tone, and the space is mostly decorated with fine and irregular floral patterns or streaks. For example, a retro mix of classical red, green and white can make the living room tasteful.

Alternatively, the space can be surrounded by warm wood furniture, with a potted plant on the windowsill as an ornament, making the space look relaxing, cozy, warm and tranquil in the sunshine.

Reference index: ★★★★☆

Recommended scene of modern living room: keywords——soft and bright

3FB15 Fookyik Furnishings

The refectory table of British classical style is placed in the simple and grand modern living space, and the floral decoration  of chairs equips the space with a fresh countryside style.

4FB22 Tyrande

The soft pastel green walls add a bit of soft light to the space, and in combination with the elegant British-style furniture, they create a countryside atmosphere featuring original simplicity.

The romance of modern home decoration is timeless. Shakespeare’s romance can also be revitalized while staying true to itself.

Today, there is no need to be emotional  building a modern artistic atmosphere will bring you good mood.

Do you want to feel the centuries-old charm of the Renaissance, while boldly conceive a modern home space?

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