Jul 18 . 2021

Guangdong Louvre – A World-famous Home Themed Cultural Tourism Destination

  In recent years, parents are increasingly interested in educational tours and theme parent-child camps, which are designed to offer special tourism experience for children. A 4A tourist attraction in Shunde District has lately become a hot spot for study tourism, attracting over 2 million visitors from over 100 countries worldwide annually.


  There are eight distinctive attractions here. Let’s explore them now!

Majestic [Parrot Chair]

  At the entrance lies a huge parrot chair. This is a masterpiece from the Annual Exhibition of Italian Art Furnishings, expressing the reverence for art, the charm of furnishings and the power of design.

[Chair Pyramid] highly resembling the Canton Tower

  When you enter the mall from the left of the Parrot Chair, you will be impressed by the brilliant Chair Pyramid, which is composed of 382 chairs of varying sizes stacked together. With a shining blue chrome-plated surface, it cascades down like a clear spring.

Interesting [Edra exhibition area]

  Further into the mall is the Edra exhibition area with novel materials and unique designs. The chairs here have integrated various elements such as petal shapes, lines, fur and feather textures, etc., making the space interesting and flexible.


Exquisite and gorgeous [Sicis exhibition area]

  Further ahead is the Sicis exhibition area, where every artwork is made from tens of thousands of Italian mosaics manually piece by piece, and looks exquisite and gorgeous, displaying handicrafts handed down from ancient times.


Magical [Rainbow Corridor]

  The dazzling Rainbow Corridor is located between Zones C and D. With overlapping squares of changing colors, the corridor is filled with different lights, colors and frames, forming a magical swirl of depth vision, and bringing you a wonderful experience of passing through a time tunnel.


Kite-flying [Global Palace]

  The 41-meter-high large hollow atrium behind Zones C and D are well decorated and offer an open vision. Tens of national flags hung on the ceiling are very conspicuous, making the atrium look like the UN headquarters. There are over 2,000 domestic and overseas Tier-1 furnishing brands and over 20 thematic pavilions around the spectacular atrium.


[Golden Hall] – A reproduction of the Renaissance

  You can arrive at the Renaissance-style Golden Hall on 5/F via a sightseeing elevator. It is known for its luxurious interior and artistic atmosphere. The relief and murals on the walls and ceilings show the charm of ancient celebrities in an elegant manner, from the Virgin Mary and the child to Napoleon.


[Constellation Plaza] – An ultra-large European-style atrium

  Behind the Golden Hall is the Constellation Plaza. The cyclone-shaped steel structure extending from the ceiling to the floor is the world’s largest single dome structure and China’s largest European-style atrium, consisting of 14,884 steel parts and 5,060 nodes. The European-style walls surrounding the plaza reproduce classics of Roman architecture and fine baroque crafts.

  The Louvre International Furniture Exhibition Center integrates the grandness of home architecture and the beauty of home art. It is a home-theme cultural tourism destination favored by online celebrities, and a mall run by Louvre Furnishings Group.


  Over these years, Louvre has been recognized by customers not only for its enjoyable scenery, but also for the original “enjoyable home shopping” concept. To allow customers to breathe safely and shop enjoyably, Louvre has introduced a world-class air freshening system, and discloses PM2.5 and air quality index data on all electronic screens in the mall. There is no odor throughout the mall, which is not easy for a furnishing mall where over 50,000 products are displayed.


  In order to offer visitors first-hand experience of the special home furnishing industry in the “furnishing trading center of China”, Louvre has built China’s first super-five-star furnishing experience hotel – Sofitel Foshan. The hotel has 325 guestrooms and suites, available in four design styles and 30 room layouts. Guests can enjoy a deep experience of home and life in different styles, and buy anything displayed here. The hotel also offers a full range of supporting facilities and worldwide delicacies to create superior visitor experiences.


  If you cannot go on a trip right away, you can buy a set of outdoor furniture to enjoy your time at home! In the outdoor and rattan furniture area on 1/F of Zone A of the Louvre International Furniture Exhibition Center, you can see outdoor furniture of different designs and styles, including rattan, wooden and iron hammocks, swings grills.


Photo: “Howvin” product “Sky Canopy” at 1FA55, Louvre International Furniture Exhibition Center

  If you want share more unforgettable moments with your kid in this summer vacation, just take him/her to Louvre. Here, he/she can appreciate the essence of classical European culture and the beauty of home art without going abroad. It will surely be a funny and rewarding trip!