Oct 22 . 2021

Breaking the Routine and Rules – Explore the Most “Rebellious” Furniture of Louvre

In recent years, asymmetric and irregular design has found extensive application in life and many bold attempts in home furnishing. The newly launched brand Medo of Louvre Home Furnishing plays a pioneering and leading role in the aspect. Its products break the tradition of left-right extension in traditional oriental aesthetics and “rebelliously” apply curve and asymmetric layout to home furnishing products. At the same time, from the perspective of western fashion, spiritual landscape space is cleverly mapped, and the oriental Zen conception that “the greatest ways are the simplest ones” is applied to the whole home furnishing. From simplicity to newness, and combined with modern fashion elements and Chinese traditional culture, everything complements each other and can better meet people’s living needs and living habits. This is also in line with Medo’s advertising slogan - Oriental Charm and Western Skeleton • design/boundless.


The picture shows Mr. Chen Jun, founder of Medo brand


So, what are the specific characteristics of Medo’s products?

Inclusive and Exactly Fit

Medo is inclusive. It fully retains the profound heritage of oriental culture, integrates the exquisite simplicity of modern western concept “less is more”, and combines multiple materials and design elements in an in-depth manner. For example, on this tea table named Samsara irregular metal polygon is skillfully used to wrap corners in the production process. It pays tribute to famous Spanish painter Dali’s Surrealist masterpiece The Persistence of Memory (the metal part of the tea table takes after the clock in the painting), freezing time with space and engraving warmth with ingenuity.



Also Tanchun series follow the shape of ancient food boxes to highlight the elegant and luxurious charm of Chinese culture. The wood grain with ancient-style simplicity collides with the metal lines of industrial style, combining hardness and softness to make it just right.



Solidifying Warmth and Witnessing Beauty

Even if everything has a time limit, sometimes a moment is eternity. Medo’s products are designed to solidify every warm moment and witness the happiness of every resident by using its products. For example, this dining table named “Flowing Time” features irregular grey twill texture on the desktop, imbued with rough and wild beauty, as if telling the elapsing of time. The hourglass shape of the table legs seems to record the good time we spent with our family, relatives and friends.



Advanced Design and Extraordinary Creation

Medo stays ahead of time. It adheres to original design, creates a Medo design style, and labels made-in-China with diversity, creativity and delicacy. For example, this set of tea table called Magic Dragon not only has the composure of a Chinese tea table, but also is endowed with the liveliness of macaroon colors. Its asymmetric design pulls host and the guest closer. The desktop is also inlaid with a mobile phone wireless charging module, making it both ornamental and practical.



Turning Complexity into Simplicity and Striving for Extreme Elegance

Each product of Medo is like a work of art, exhibiting its own unique language and charm. This Spring and Autumn desk adopts irregular oblique section design on the desktop, and the log color lines are reserved in the middle as the finishing touch for enhanced effect, which is unique. The oval design of the table legs is decorated with metal lines, and the other side is wrapped with Chanel’s classic diamond lattice leather to wrap the solid wood bending plate, conveying a quite post-modernism aesthetic feel. The whole seems simple, but in fact it is very exquisite, maximizing display of the leisurely cultivated pleasures of literati in the Ming Dynasty.


Constantly Improving and Striving for the Best


Medo is a perfectionist. Look at this natural luxury stone tea table. The raw materials for it are exclusive and rare, and such top quality is even one in a hundred. To embed the stone into the integrated metal frame, even a very tiny gap is not tolerable. The complexity of the process is beyond imagination.




Every piece of furniture is polished as a work of art. And this is Medo. Walking around the exhibition hall, you’ll feel like falling into an elegant space full of modern simple texture and oriental heritage. Interested friends can visit the 3FB12 Celebrity Residence (名流府邸) Store of Louvre International Furniture Exhibition Center for getting experience.


The shopping mall where Medo is located, Louvre International Furniture Exhibition Center, is also good at gathering all kinds of avant-garde and high-quality home furnishing products. At present, more than 2000 world-famous home furnishing brands have gathered in the venue, with both environmental protection and after-sales having formed a mature system. You can visit it there to explore aesthetics and experience the artistic life at any time.