Jul 27 . 2021

Three Tips to Avoid Pitfalls in the Lecong Furniture Mart!

  The Lecong Furniture Mart in Shunde District, Foshan, Guangdong was China’s first specialized furniture market, boasting a large scale and a full range of choices, and enjoying reputations like the “Capital of Furnishing Trade and Innovation in China”, the “Guangdong (Lecong) International Furniture Purchasing Center”, and the “Excellent Furniture Industry Cluster of China”. However, some friends from other provinces often say that one may encounter solicitation and transport pitfalls at the Lecong Furniture Mart, so they hesitate to come to this longed-for place.
  Here, a Guide to Avoid Pitfalls in the Lecong Furniture Mart is presented here to help you evade pitfalls and buy your desired furnishing products.


  Watching out for solicitors
  There are many solicitors dealing with illegal intermediary services around the Lecong Furniture Mart. They usually hang around and chat at the gate of the mart, and would engage with consumers coming to the mart in the name of shopping guide, transport, and installation, and guide them to malls with low product quality and credibility to gain high kickbacks. Furniture bought by consumers from such malls introduced by solicitors is often nonconforming or unusable at all, resulting in heavy losses.


  There are over 180 furniture malls of varying sizes and quality levels in the Lecong Furniture Mart. Before leaving for here, you’d better learn some methods to identify furniture quality, or select branded malls with a good reputation, like the Louvre International Furniture Exhibition Center, the North Zone of the Sun link Furniture City, Royal Furniture, and Lecong Red Star Macalline. These large malls are well-known in China, and offer both quality and after-sales service guarantee.
  For example, at the Louvre International Furniture Exhibition Center- the leading mall of the Lecong Furniture Mart, every store has a star rating and is credibility-certified, the environmental commitment mark of “100% double advance compensation” can be seen everywhere, and PM2.5, the environmental pollution index, and other indicators are displayed in real time on the LED screens all over the mall, showing very strict control over product quality, business competencies and the internal environment.


  Avoiding excessive bargaining
  Everyone wants to buy high-quality products at low prices. However, when you’re shopping at the Lecong Furniture Mart, you should avoid excessive bargaining, because though some sellers accept your bargaining, they may save costs by using less or inferior materials during production, resulting in nonconforming products.
  In fact, if you want to buy inexpensive high-quality products, you can follow a mall’s regular promotional period. Even medium- and high-end furnishing malls like the Louvre International Furniture Exhibition Center often launch promotions with high discounts (e.g., summer promotions in July and August), when it is very economical to buy furnishing products.


Crowded checkout counter during the May 1 holiday promotion at Louvre

  Selecting the right logistics company
  After shopping, transport naturally follows. When discussing the transport arrangements with a logistics company, you should inquire about its business scope, such as if handling and installation services are included, and check its charging rates for door-to-door delivery and installation, etc. To prevent dishonest logistics companies from raising prices on spot, do not move the cargo to the warehouse of any logistics company, and do not pay the down payment before signing a written charging contract.
  Which logistics companies are preferred for shopping at the Lecong Furniture Mart? According to several locals in Lecong Town, the logistics companies behind the Louvre International Furniture Exhibition Center are recommended, because most of them have joined the Louvre Credible Logistics League, and are regulated by both the traffic police and Louvre. In addition, Louvre offers nationwide free delivery and installation service to ensure that furnishing products bought by consumers are delivered to destinations rapidly, accurately and safely.


  Although solicitors are cracked down on by the traffic police, economy and commerce authorities, furniture associations, etc., consumers should still stay vigilant when shopping at the Lecong Furniture Mart, and select credible malls and logistics companies to protect properties and ensure personal safety.