Dec 21 . 2021

Approaches to Build a Tea Room Inside Your Home Easily!

China is the home to tea, where people have begun to drink tea since ancient time sand created a long-standing tea culture. Chinese people drink tea in any space, which is called “tearoom”. For ancient Chinese, tearoom is a specialspace connected with nature, where literati sit down for exchanges and contemplation. Drinking a cup of fragrant tea in a pavilion or a cottage is the reclusive prototype of seclusion. For modern people, it provides room for them to get away from worldly worries for a while. When drinking tea in this room, they seem to place themselves in leisurely pastoral life .


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The tea room is where spirit and soul dwell, and best radiates Chinese charm. So, how do you build a unique family tea room? You can refer to the following points:

1/ Location

The tearoom is an area that reflects style and taste of the house. To this end, to select a room for it is the first step. Here are two suggestions.

 -1- If it is a single-family house, a separate room can be cleared to serve as the tea room. This can ensure that you won’t be disturbed when drinking tea. It is better to have a broad view around the tearoom. Surrounded by beautiful scenery or quiet atmosphere can make you feel more cozy when drinking tea, and you can appreciate pleasure of life in such an environment.

 -2- If it is an apartment, it is suggested to be located inside the study, with tea fragrance and books together adding a bit of elegance. Alternatively, the balcony or the corner of the window with enough sunshine is suitable. If you often treat your friends or guests with tea or if you have a big living room or dining room, it is better to set up an open or semi-open tea room in these two areas.


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2/ Decoration

We appreciate a kind of taste but also experience a kind of mood when drinking tea. For this reason, the design of the tearoom needs to display an atmosphere where elegant life and natural environment are integrated. To this end, the choice of tea-related equipment should be considered.

 -1- Tea tables and seating items: They are normally made of such materials as solid wood, board and bamboo, which are the most primary components of a tea room. There are varying kinds of tea tables, in term of appearance, ranging from simple desktop, irregular root carving, to Luohan bed, a traditional design of tea table simulating ancient Chinese furniture. Noticeably, tea tables of Luohan bed style are more suitable for larger rooms with good lighting.


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 -2- Tea cabinets: They are classified into tea side cabinets, tea service cabinets, low cabinets, and antique shelves which have most distinctive features and enjoy great popularity. The partitions of these shelves are designed based on the pattern of the shelves themselves. It is suggested that the material and style of the tea cabinet should be the same as that of the tea table and chairs in order to make the whole room harmonious and unified.

 -3- Screens and other furnishings: The screens in the tea room are usually made of simple, natural materials such as wood, bamboo, and rattan. In particular, wood-made screens contribute to beauty of the tea room. In spite of limited space, they can stimulate infinite imagination. For the decoration on the wall, it is recommended to be bedecked with paintings and calligraphy. In terms of ornaments, root carving, bamboo carving, bonsai, strange stones and flowers are all good choices to reflect naturalness.


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3/ Atmosphere

Despite opulent decoration of many tea rooms, we cannot feel their essence. This is because of a lack of attractive atmosphere. So, how to create such kind of atmosphere for the tea room? Here are several items to be recommended.

 -1- Lamps: They should fit the overall style of the furniture and ornaments of the tea room, avoiding looking weird. For the light source, it is advised to choose the color temperature ranging from 4000k to 5000K, which is closest to that of sunlight, neither too white nor yellow, and which indicates a hazy and restrained climate. In addition, if you want to create different atmospheres for the tea room, you need to choose various types of lamps. For example, low-height chandeliers or small chandeliers combined are for private environment; chandeliers with warm color or several small chandeliers that are used in the main light source area are for warm and tranquil tea-drinking environment; wall lamps, floor lamps and table lamps can be set in the corner of the tea roomto increase a sense of art and pleasure.


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-2- Artworks: Folk crafts and handicrafts including felt of ethnic minorities, blue printed cloth with Jiangnan style, clay figurines of Beijing, paper-cutting, facial makeup, and embroidery can be used to decorate the tea room, showcasing geographical characteristics.

- 3- Hanging pictures: Chinese paintings are often used for the tea roomdecoration as they center on the artistic conception of blank space which the tea room should displays. Generally, its decoration should be simple, with the walls in plain colors such as white, log and beige, not to use too dazzling primary colors.


Well, after reading so many recommendations, it's time to recommend several tea room products to help you build a tearoom in line with your expectations.


V2001 tea room series

This tea room, with a tea table, a tea ceremony chair, a round stool and a tea cabinet, radiates a strong feeling brought by the accumulation of time and culture and a carefree feeling enabling you to get away from the hustle and bustle. Sitting there with a cup of fragrant tea makes your mind calm and settled.


The picture is provided by CHARLIES’S HOUSE, 3FA29-30, Louvre International Furniture Exhibition Center in Foshan



Shengmingqueqi tea table

This tea table, made of Wuyi bamboo, boasts high density and excellent elasticity, and is not easy to crack and deform. It is manufactured with patented technology to prevent insects and mildew, whose materials are environmentally friendly and which is cost-effective. Its appearance, plaint but fashionable, retains the cultural characteristics of Song Dynasty. Meanwhile, it is of appropriate size and movable, which can be used in a variety of scenes, breaking the limitation of time and space.


The picture is provided by XIANG FU, 5FA29-30, Louvre International Furniture Exhibition Center in Foshan


Wanfu tea table

This tea table integrates traditional crafts into modern design, reflecting the inheritance of Chinese culture and indicating a state of mind. The highlight of its design is the vase shape which yields a unique natural experience when drinking tea with it.


The picture is provided by MINGRUNQINGHUA, 3FA38-40, Louvre International Furniture Exhibition Center in Foshan

Now, you must have learned something about how to decorate and furnish a tea room, but you have to go to the stores where tea products are displayed as people’s apartment types and household styles are varied. Notably, the on-site shopping guide will recommend suitable products for you according to your actual situation. Actually, there are many furniture stores where tea rooms with tea furnishings are exhibited. For example, Louvre International Furniture Exhibition Center in Lecong, Shunde, Guangdong Province has set aside a large area for exhibition, whose 1st floor and 5th-6th floor of Zone A display Chinese-style and new-Chinese-style furnishings of tea room. Moreover, the Louvre provides customized services ranging from bonsai, bamboo carvings and flowers, to tea tables, coffee tables, antique shelves and even the whole tea room customization. This place is recommended if you have the desire to build a tea room because it is reliable especially in environmental protection.


Decorating and furnishing a tea room enables you to get away from noises and worries of the world, where you can appreciate the pleasure of life and keep the simple state of mind with the fragrance of tea. Also, you can get more spiritual happiness so as to make your whole state of life unwinding.